Spring decorate technique

In rural wind increasingly popular today, we also need to be into the space defending bath of the rural colorific lithe and graceful, the sort of relaxed, not ornate feel only suitable for relax the body.

Generally speaking, this style of the space that defend bath are bigger, signboard characteristics is as far as possible chooses wood, stone, cane, bamboo, fabric and other natural building materials, such as the wall of  wall board, the ceiling of the wood beams, can bring to the bathroom adds a kind of warmth, daily life comfortable feeling.

This bathroom some even ceiling and metope are decorated with the log, the woodiness to besmear oil is given priority to, give the peculiar log, local metope wood and texture with straightforward freestone or marble, matching with log with stone unique rough wood texture break slightly exquisite and feeble style, one thick one fine both creates contrast, and build a complete don’t act the role of carve feeling. The bathroom of rural style is decorated in the most without fabric, and in the choice of fabric quality of a material is used more cotton, hemp and other natural products.

Recently, the furniture of cany bamboo product on the market, it also become popular in the bathroom for rural style decorates infuse new design elements, simple a chair, a cany basket is taken out, just make the household of rural style design more “ruralize”.

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