How to Clean a Morning Star Bamboo Floor

When it comes to cleaning requirements, both hardwood and bamboo flooring are actually quite similar. There are, however, different ways of cleaning bamboo flooring, especially when the type of finish is considered. While a Morning Star bamboo floor is plastered with a multi-layer protective finish, the best means of cleaning it is the dry method. Using a damp mop should only be an exception and not necessarily the rule.

First off, when cleaning your morning star bamboo floor, it is best to use a micro fiber dust mop. Compared to a regular broom, a dust mop is significantly safer to use, simply because the bristles of a broom can scratch the flooring and will not necessarily get the job done when it comes to the finer dust particles. To keep the dirt from building up, it is advisable to sweep on a regular basis.

If there is an area where there is dirt build up, pour an appropriate amount of floor cleaner precisely on a sponge mop, or you can mix the cleaner with water, or at least according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Scrub the mop over the area with the dirt build up, and not over the entire floor. Furthermore, you should make sure that the cleaner you are using is mild enough to use on a morning star bamboo floor; otherwise, it could do more harm than good.

After applying the cleaning solution on the bamboo floor, it is essential that you wipe it with a damp cloth or sponge as soon as possible. You should never leave the cleaning solution longer than required on the morning star bamboo floor.

After cleaning your morning star bamboo floor, you should dry it entirely using a towel. However, if you made a mistake of applying too much water or cleaning solution on the floor, you will have to speed up the drying process by using a fan.

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