Bamboo Flooring Details: Vertical Flooring

One of the best things about bamboo flooring is just how many options you will have for its look. One of these options is called vertical flooring which is a particular way to manufacture bamboo flooring planks to create a signature look for your home flooring.

Vertical bamboo flooring is made by cutting the bamboo into long, thin strips before soaking them in resin. After that, the strips are hard-press laminated together. The result is flooring with a smoother, more uniform look than that of horizontal flooring. Horizontal flooring will create a more natural wood look that will include the knuckles and nodes of the bamboo.

Just like horizontal flooring, vertical flooring also comes with some great color options. You can go with a more natural, lighter finish or opt for a darker tone. This dark tone is not achieved through painting or staining but rather a heating process. The bamboo is steamed at high temperatures over a period of time to create a rich darkness. The product of this process is often to referred to as carbonized bamboo flooring.

Other than the look and manufacturing process, vertical bamboo flooring does not differ in any way from horizontal flooring. It is installed in the same way and is also just as durable. You can also follow the same care instructions for vertical flooring.

So if you are not particularly a fan of rustic decor but you like the look of bamboo, vertical bamboo flooring will give your home a chic contemporary touch.

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