Bamboo Gardens Need Regular Pruning

In order for a garden of bamboo to flourish, one key task must be performed regularly and meticulously: pruning.

Pruning is the cutting of old or dead plant material, allowing for new growth to take place.

When parts of a bamboo plant die, they are no longer able to take in the nutrients from the bamboo’s root system. This can also make the bamboo look old and unattractive.

The pruning of bamboo helps to prevent too many canes from growing which can ruin the plant’s overall health. Canes must be pruned because they usually do not fall off on their own.

It can take anywhere from three to five growing seasons for a bamboo garden to require pruning, so new gardens are in the clear for a while. But pruning needs may vary depending on climate, soil, natural sunlight, moisture levels and the type of bamboo.

In addition to proper pruning, it’s also important to keep an eye on growing rhizomes. Rhizomes typically grow just beneath the soil’s surface, so they can get out of control if they go unchecked for more than a year or so.

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