How To Make A Bamboo Headboard For An Eco-Friendly Bedroom!

Eco-Friendly decorating isn’t just for celebrities!  Jessica Alba chose sustainable and repurposed materials for her bedroom and now you can join the trend!  Millions of dollars aren’t needed – just some bamboo and a little sweat.  Build this beautiful bamboo headboard to complement your bamboo sheets and bring a modern, natural vibe to your bedroom.

  1. Cut the poles to the height you prefer for your headboard.  You can make the poles all one height or vary the height and width to make your own unique design.  (Tip:  Wrap the poles in masking tape where you plan to cut to help prevent splintering.)
  2. Lay out the bamboo poles on a flat surface.  Cut twine in 2 feet sections, two pieces of twine for every two canes of bamboo.  (Twine is the traditional choice but depending on the design you want use rope, string or even silk scarves.)
  3. Place one piece of twine one third of the way from the top of the bamboo pole.  Create a figure eight with the twine to join two adjacent bamboo poles together.  Knot the twine securely in a knot. Make another figure eight and knot two-thirds of the way down from the top of the same poles.  Continue tying the bamboo together in this pattern until the desired width of the headboard is achieved.  For an added visual effect, you can stagger the placement of the knots or if you prefer, you can hide the knots behind the headboard.
  4. Attach the wall hooks to the wall behind your bead and hang the headboard from the hooks.  The twine will serve as the hook for your bamboo headboard.

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