2011 Shanghai international interior decoration and interior design exhibition

In the opening ceremony of the exhibition will be held. The exhibition area of some 4000 square, points “display fine arts”, “interior design high-quality goods”, “environmental protection material the high-quality goods” three areas.

“Environmental protection material on the display of” high-quality goods “after the” low carbon environmental protection, save the energy saving of the materials, such as bamboo and wood “to” the decorating with bamboo, bamboo, bamboo charcoal products, belongs to the process of environmental protection performance is good, advocating natural “green decoration” has become interior decoration materials, the sustainable development of a unique window; With crops straw plant fiber composed of “zero-formaldehyde high gather board”, not only alternative wood, save the forest resources, but is zero emissions, no pollution of low carbon adornment material, make farming stalk become waste for “treasure”, this product has been Shanghai Disneyland project as fixed-point use environmental protection data, the high-tech low carbon environmental characteristics will show its huge demonstration role; Have purify air, waterproof, sound insulation and heat insulation paint, also is the diatomite of material which a rookie of high-quality goods, have now already been international large paint manufacturers as designated supplies. At the same time, exhibit also launched a world expo special LED lighting, environmental protection energy conservation art, a group of new coating of low carbon environmental protection new materials will be the one large window of the exhibition.

“Display fine arts” main display rich cultural connotations, age, grade of elegant charm household display high-quality goods, including red sandalwood wood engraving art series, faux bamboo  furniture, western-style classic furniture, brand kitchen, high tech intelligent tracery, enamel handicrafts, feng shui five line door act the role ofing, ceramic decoration, cloisonne coloured glaze sanitary ware, and with matching household heat pump cycle device, air filter, personalized household air conditioning qing, etc. Exhibits type fewer but better, demonstration is strong, highlight the interior decoration of the independent innovation, fashionable avant-courier, vivid interpretation of the new achievements in today’s “artistic adaptation, artistry of life” environment culture idea.

“Interior design is exhibited” mainly by the international interior design “gold cup award” selection on the design works of Chinese and foreign and national awards of the works, including domestic and Hong Kong and Taiwan Macao works more than 100 picture, international works nearly 60 picture. Display design novel idea is unique, genres, not only the excellent products vast loses a colour profusion, deducts the Oriental culture blends mutual remit, each show the aesthetic coquettish, covers the musical sound when the venues, creative park, memorial construction, hotels, office buildings, cruises, museums, libraries, Olympic venues, hospital, school, high-end villa and economy applicable room and so on the category, show “design, to make the environment more beautiful, design, better life” concept.

Friendly Link:http://www.all-bamboo.com/Bamboo-Furniture_588_0_catalog.htm

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