Summer Skincare For Infants: How Bamboo Can Help

Summer Skincare is important for everyone but never more so for the little ones in your life.  Children’s skin is more sensitive and delicate than an adults and it is important to keep it protected.  Once your baby is over six months old, get in the habit of using sunscreen year-round, even on the overcast days.  Choose a hypoallergenic, PABA-free sunscreen with a SPF of 15 or higher that blocks both UVA and UVB rays.  The UVA-protecting ingredient should preferably be titanium dioxide and zinc oxide as they have a reduced risk of skin irritation.  Avobenzone does protect form UVA rays, but it can be a skin irritant.  If your little one should happen to get some skin irritation, massaging lotion or oils into the skin can help.  Make sure anything you use is free of petrochemicals and look for healing herbs such as chamomile, aloe, calendula, marigold or arnica.  Avoiding products that use artificial colors and synthetic fragrances will reduce the risk of further irritation.

Another way to pamper and protect your baby’s delicate skin year-round is to choose the right type of fiber for clothing and sleepwear.  Bamboo charcoal products offer incredible smoothness and a hypo-allergenic fabric for all your baby needs. 

These adorable and versatile baby pajamas are super cozy and super soft for your baby.  Like all quality bamboo clothing, these baby pajamas are thermal-regulating and incredibly absorbent.  Their gathered elastic bottom makes diaper-changing easy and their lap shoulder-top slips over your baby’s head smoothly.  These pajamas will be the most convenient item in your closet and they come in a variety of adorable patterns.  Check out these baby sleep sacks with their Mother Earth print or this baby gown with a cute panda print. 

For your little ones that are a bit older, we offer lovable baby t-shirts.  All of them are incredibly soft but durable and feature earth-friendly yet kid-amusing prints.  They are just as breathable as the baby pajamas to help your child stay sweat and heat-rash free.  Also, bamboo fibers have no fiber spurs that come from synthetic manufacturing so is less fabric rubbing against your child as they run and play, thus fewer chances for skin irritation.  Check out their baby tee (panda) and their baby tee (peace) patterns.  Or dress them in this baby tee (recycle) to start teaching them and those around them how they can be a part of saving Mother Earth.  You know, aside from dressing them in such a sustainable and highly renewable fabric. 

 Bamboo completes the baby outfit with these charming baby pants.  They’ll go great with any of the baby t-shirts mentioned above and offer the same softness and moisture-protection.  The unique bamboo print will make them a stand-out in the sandbox and you can feel better knowing they’re playing in a fabric that is free of chlorine and formaldehyde. 

Dressing your little ones in bamboo clothing is not only a strong step towards preserving their ecological future and decorating with bamboo, but it’s also a safeguard for them against skin irritation.  Bamboo is hypo-allergenic and well, smooth as a baby’s bottom, so it will work to keep your child cool and comfortable in these hot-summer months.

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