Bamboo charcoal products to build ecological textile

Bamboo impression bamboo charcoal products, is to build the auspicious of bamboo fiber famous brand. China town-anji, is the collection of bamboo fiber home textile, bamboo charcoal products, bamboo handicrafts development design, the production, the sale is a body comprehensive regional.

DuoNian, angie research and development production to green, health, stylish, fashionable of bamboo fiber textile products as the leading factor, to promote “the 21 st century green, low carbon new home” for the concept, with “the enterprise as a business to do” as the management goal, to create the enterprise brand image and training characteristics enterprise culture, make the product gradually entered the international brand ranks.

“Honest to the whole world, keep the whole world” is “bamboo impression” people forever faith; Take “the good faith, much win” for survival development criteria; To love the world the desire, pursue the products ZuChi gold, the pursuit of service perfect the construction of a harmonious, unity, the pursuit of excellence, confident, team, and gradually to product diversification, industry group, the enterprise internationalization. This is the bamboo impression of bamboo fiber constant concept.

With confidence to win the future, with the French famous fashion designer and la salle fashion designing institute cooperation, with the latest idea and fashionable design to lead the bamboo fiber textile market, and prepare to China’s biggest bamboo fiber clothing production and processing base, makes the Chinese bamboo fiber underwear expert.

To the quality, the bamboo product because of its bamboo fiber impressed by the high quality product, sexual price is high, the people’s insurance company of China by PICC accept insurance.

Green, environmental protection, quality, science and technology, concept, faith and so on, for bamboo impression of faux bamboo furniture makes a good foundation for tomorrow, believe that: in the bamboo fiber field, bamboo impression can achieve the dream, into the international brand ranks.

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