How To Make “Paper Bamboo”

In honor of  all kinds of festival, bamboo craft ideas abound for handmade gifts that people can make – those misshapen coffee mugs and macaroni artwork masterpieces.  But what greater gift can be given than the gift of time?  Here’s a fun idea for “paper bamboo” that father and child can make together.  And, for those bamboo charcoal products raising an environmentally responsible child, this activity will teach them about a sustainable product that can grow without the use of pesticides, herbicides and irrigation.  The bamboo plant is easily harvested by cutting just above the ground and will be ready to harvest again in a few years as opposed to a traditional hardwood that may take 70 years to reach maturity.

Here’s how to make your “paper bamboo”:

  • If not using green construction paper, use your markers to color the white construction paper.
  • When finished, roll the paper into a long tube.
  • Add several layers to this roll.
  • Tape the papers tightly together at one end.
  • At the other end, make cuts about 5 – 7 inches long that go through all the layers.
  • Very carefully, pull the inner layers upward.  They will “sprout” on the handmade bamboo cane you just designed.

Make sure to talk to you kids about why it’s important to let the bamboo grow and how important it is to the Giant Panda. And make sure you know what a friendly material bamboo is to include in your own lifestyle!

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