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Furniture makers lament lack of raw bamboo stock

This interior town is not only the “basket capital” but also the source of well-crafted bamboo furniture that draws tourists every old-fashioned market day on Sunday but its makers and producers expressed concern over the diminishing supply of raw materials.

“Bamboo stands out among woody plants because it possesses unique qualities and offers a wide array of uses,” It has been used as an inexpensive source of housing materials, furniture, handicraft, banana props, fishpens and other innumerable bamboo charcoal products. It is also a source of food and culinary craving. Through the years, bamboo’s uses have largely diversified and benefited many industries.

“Bamboos are a group of woody perennial evergreen plants in the true grass family Poaceae, subfamily Bambusoideae, tribe Bambuseae. Some of its members are giants, forming by far the largest members of the grass family.”

No one really could tellthe origin of bamboo but legend had it that “the first man and the first woman were split open from a bamboo stem that emerged on an island created after the battle of the elemental forces (Sky and Ocean).” Some 23 of these about a thousand species are said to be endemic in the Philippines.

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Training in use of “Poor man’s timber” for youth

The Center for Development Partnership (CDP) a service provider to the National Youth Employment Programme (NYEP) has launched a bamboo craft exhibition and its first graduation ceremony.

The CDP is a non-governmental organization that mobilizes and trains young people on how to use local resources such as bamboo to earn their livelihoods.

The training includes processing and making of several products like bags, purses, footwear and many bamboo charcoal products.

The national coordinator of the NYEP Mr. Abuga  Pele said the bamboo craft production and other projects implemented in partnership  with the CDP is in line with the new strategic plan of the NYEP which focuses on the development and promotion of entrepreneurial skills and sustainable micro business ventures among the youth.

The project is a multi edged instrument that provides environmental protection through the cultivation of bamboo plantations and also empowering the youth with skills training as well as creating employment to improve upon livelihoods of individuals and the communities.

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Finding Fall Beauty Bamboo Products

FALL is the time when many new beauty bamboo products and services bombard the market, and most people could use someone with a critical eye to navigate what’s offered.

A new export that’s sold online at are all kinds of bamboo charcoal products which you want to buy.Most bamboo companies have websites that you can visit if you need more information. Browse through these websites to find more information about what premium bamboo crafts can do for you and your home. If you’re satisfied with the information that you have, that’s the time for you to run to the store to get your home some high quality bling.

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Coming up, Bamboo Craft Training Centre in city

For artisan Laxmi Devi of Cuttack, her traditional bamboo crafts fetched her anything between Rs 1,000 to Rs 1,500 a month till a few days back. After undergoing training and capacity-building sessions, today she earns about Rs 3,000 a month.

The State is home to several traditional artisans like Laxmi who have taken up crafts with bamboo for a living. However, with new materials and designs flooding the market, their income has come down drastically. To train such traditional bamboo craftsmen in production, skill development, value addition and treatment of bamboo for better output, the Orissa Bamboo Development Agency (OBDA) has decided to train 500 artisans from across the State this year and 5,000 more by 2013-14. The training would give an opportunity to the craftsmen and help them develop their skill through NGOs or SHGs working in the field.

So far, the Agency has conducted 42 training camps in the last few years for around 2,126 artisans with the help of master craftsmen from North-Eastern states.

As per official records, there are around 60,000 traditional bamboo artisans in the State. The OBDA has identified 9,900 of them to undergo skill development training in the coming years. These artisans are mostly from Kalahandi, Kandhamal, Boudh, Ganjam, Khurda, Mayurbhanj, Balasore and Sundargarh.

To promote the craft, a Bamboo Training and Product Development Centre would soon come up in the city under PPP mode. The government had signed an MoU in this regard with the National Mission on Bamboo Applications (NMBA) last year. Besides, work is on for setting up common facility centres at Mayurbhanj, Khurda, Rayagada and Athagarh. These centres will be provided with high-end machineries through which, the artisans can produce their bamboo charcoal products on a larger-scale. Sources said agreements had been signed for construction of two more such centres at Khurda and Mayurbhanj.

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Why Choose Premium Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is one of the most stylish and durable types of bamboo charcoal products. More and more households now prefer to use crafts with bamboo. It is important to note, though, that not all bamboo flooring types will give you what you need. Premium bamboo flooring is what you need if you want to bring a certain kind of natural glow to your home.

Premium bamboo flooring uses only the best bamboos – those that are made of premium quality; those that are durable, strong and flexible. Another positive factor of bamboo flooring is that it is environmentally safe.
Other reasons why premium bamboo flooring should be your choice are the following:

-Bamboo flooring can have a variety of colors through a process that involved staining. The hues become more attractive. Patterns may also be created to make your floor more distinctive.

-There is no need to coat bamboo.

-Bamboo flooring is easy to install. There is no need for any complicated process and the floor can be ready for use immediately after installation.

-It is easy to clean bamboo floors. All that you need is a mop or a clean cloth for wiping.

-Bamboo is sturdy. It is at least 70% sturdier than most wood types.

-Bamboo is a renewable resource so it doesn’t stop growing even after it has been harvested.

-Finally, bamboo gives off a beautiful physical appearance. It makes your room or house look cozy, stylish and naturally attractive.

If you choose premium bamboo flooring, your home will look especially different from those of your neighbors’, those who use ordinary wood flooring. Since, as mentioned earlier, bamboo floors can be arranged to have different hues and patterns, they will be great for rooms with interesting designs and décor. They can even be used as an added accessory for a room.

If you need some premium bamboo flooring for your home, it is not advisable to plunge immediately into the scene. You will have to study all choices that are handed to you. And then you will need to try to see which of these choices is best for what you need or what you are looking for.

Most bamboo flooring companies have websites that you can visit if you need more information. Browse through these websites to find more information about what premium bamboo flooring can do for you and your home. If you’re satisfied with the information that you have, that’s the time for you to run to the store to get your home some high quality bling.

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Government to promote bamboo products

The State Government has decided to formulate a policy for bamboo  charcoal products and promote the sale of crafts with bamboo.

Self-help groups (SHGs) will be involved in Mayurbhanj and Balasore districts to create a market for bamboo and bamboo products. The Chief Minister also reviewed the activities of the Bamboo Mission at the meeting. Seven per cent of bamboo cultivated in the country is from Orissa. The State is third in bamboo production in the country leaving aside the North-Eastern states.

Official sources said around 50,000 families depend on bamboo for their livelihood, majority of whom are economically-backward. Naveen directed the Mission to launch programmes keeping an eye on their livelihood.

It was decided that those varieties of bamboo will be planted which the workers find easy to handle in the handicraft sector. So far, 134 bamboo nurseries have been set up in the State. It was decided that five more will be set up during the year.

A target has been fixed to plant bamboo in 10,000 hectare forest land and 5,000 hectare private land. Besides, it was decided that training will be imparted to 5,000 workers in handicrafts sector. Official sources said 60 lakh mandays were created through different activities of the Bamboo Mission.

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Bamboo is the wonder

The Filipino has always been likened to the bamboo charcoal products, ever resilient, bending to the beatings of the harsh wind but always ready to stand tall again after every beating.

Justice of the Court of Appeals, Chairman of the Commission on Audit – that is how people in Region 8 know and look with awe and respect at Justice Francisco Tantuico, one of the few Eastern Visayans who have reached national stature. To the younger set, they know him to be the man who built a covered court for the tennis enthusiasts, thus saving them from being sunburned and the man behind the tertiary school that provides quality education even to the least privilege students.

Accidentally, however, PIA discovered that despite the busy life he keeps, Justice Tantuico is one of the most avid advocates of Bamboo. Not only does he keep a garden with at least 15 varieties of bamboo, he also lives in a house with interesting faux bamboo furniture and beautified with bamboo-based crafts and decors which are each talking pieces.

Perhaps it was because then Tanauan Mayor now Board Member Roque A. Tiu who set up the first bamboo setum in Eastern Visayas, was with the writer, that former Justice Tantuico showed his most precious bamboo crafts which were made from the various parts of bamboo, from roots to leaves.

One should see the collection of bamboo craft which Justice Tantuico keeps in his office at his newly constructed building – from the simply but elegantly designed bamboo tables, stools, to the intricately sculptured wall decors.

Justice Tantuico revealed about his interest in the bamboo. In fact he is so interested in the bamboo that he has a bamboo garden right at the vicinity of the restaurant and that his bamboo collection counts to about 15 varieties. He even attends international conventions on bamboos.

This might even be more that the collection of DENR in the Region, then Mayor Tiu opined. Tanauan is known for its bamboo craft industry and so to ensure the availability of raw materials, Mayor Tiu thought of setting up the Bamboo setum with the able assistance of the DENR 8.

Bamboo trees abound all over the Region but the people’s knowledge on its uses is very limited, Justice Tantuico said. He mentioned that there are bamboo trees the diameter of which is big enough to be made into a table top. He revealed that there is what is called as the bamboo plywood, plywood made out of bamboo.

The bamboo has many uses: food, medicine, furniture, housing material, decorating with bamboo. It could even be the source of survival in the forest as it is known to have clean water deposits. Since time immemorial, the bamboo is known to prevent soil erosion because its roots spread widely.

In the world meeting atCancun,Mexico, advocates were one in saying that climate summit searching for ways to mitigate climate-changing gas emissions should consider bamboo.

Bamboo grows quickly, needs little water, absorbs carbon dioxide, protects estuaries and can withstand storms.

People scorn the plant and consider it a pest, particularly in areas where coffee, banana, tobacco and cocoa are grown, or where there is extensive cattle production, and yet bamboo, already used in housing, furniture ,bamboo garden structures and other areas, has potential to help in the battle against global warming which is worth looking into.

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